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A Variety of Washer Options

Looking for a brand-new washer for your home? You have come to the right place! Visit P & F Appliance Inc. and take a look at some of the amazing washer options we have for you.

Front-Load Washers

If you're looking for energy efficiency and convenience, purchase a front-load washer.

Unlike a top-load model, a front-load washer's basket is set horizontally to make use of gravity to pull water through clothes. It never needs to fill completely with water, so it uses only a third of the water of top-load models. It also uses less detergent to achieve the same clean, saving money and exposing clothes to less chemicals.

These washers don't have the center agitator like a top-load washer; instead, the basket is empty. This leaves increased space for dirty laundry and allows you to complete your wash in fewer loads, spending less time in the laundry room.

However, there is a cost difference. While you'll save money over time, thanks to energy efficiency, front-loading machines generally cost more up front. They're also low to the ground, so may not be the best choice if bending or kneeling is difficult for you. You may also want to consider a pedestal to keep the machine at waist level. Stacking front-load machines is also an option. You can choose to go with top-loading units when it is not available.

Top-Load Washers

Reliability breeds loyalty, which is why most people are still used to top-load, or traditional, washers that can last between 10-12 years. These machines use an agitator in the center of the waste basket to turn clothes over while the wash basket spins, cleaning clothing and extracting water.

Many people feel that the combination of the agitator and the wash basket allow clothes to get cleaner and newer models of top loaders come with extra features and a larger capacity to hold clothing.

High-Efficiency Top-Load Washers

These washers are similar in design to top-load machines but offer energy efficiency closer to a front-load model. With a faster spin mechanism, your clothes are left drier at the end like a front-load washer.

A high-efficiency top loader doesn't use as much soap or water as a standard unit and also comes without an agitator in the center, leaving more room for your laundry. If you choose a high-efficiency washer, you'll also need to switch to specialized detergent for your laundry.
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